How to Build an Individual Audio Advent Calendar — Part 2

After we have finalized all the electronics in Part 1 and all the tests have worked, in this part, we will design and print a box in Fusion 360, in which all the electronics will be installed. The box will be hinged so that whenever someone opens the box, the song will play.

Finalization of the electronics

To get all the components well stowed in a box, the individual parts were ordered and everything was soldered onto a circuit board. The structure of the box should only consist of 3 levels: a battery at the bottom, the board with components above, and the music box at the top.

So little by little I soldered the components on the PCB and reconnected the components. The result was already much tidier than before, so I was good things to get these parts in a box under.

Design of the box in Fusion 360

In the beginning, all parts were measured exactly and created in Fusion 360 to get an overview of how big the box may become and how everything can be integrated.

Then I started to design a box around the parts. I paid attention to how both the board can be fixed (4 screws), as well as the switch with which the box only plays music when opened. I also included brackets for the plate inside the box where the speaker will be placed. I wanted to print this plate in transparent plastic to add an LED to the circuit that shines through the transparent plastic.

As you can see, a hinge was also added that can be printed and only two M2 screws are needed to connect the lid to the box. In Fusion 360 this can also be connected directly as a hinge, so before printing, you can already simulate how far the lid can be opened with the hinge and if there might be any problems.

Animation of the hing with Fusion 360

Finally, the plate for the speaker was designed. It consists of a hole into which the speaker fits exactly and rounding towards the top prevents the speaker from being pressed upwards.

The final result was the following box, which was then printed.

Assembly of the entire box

After all the parts have been printed, the electronics can now be placed in their intended locations and the box can be fully assembled. The result is a box that, when opened, plays a different MP3 file every day.

Here, your creativity is called for, for example, songs can simply be played or, as a personal gift, your self-recorded files. As a Gift for your child, it would be possible to record a Christmas story and divide it into 24 different chapters, so your child can listen to a part of the story every day until Christmas.

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