How to Create a Colorful Lithophane

Colorful Lithophane

After we created the first Lithophane in “How to create Lithophanes with 3D Printing” and the second part “How to create a Lithophane housing with integrated lighting”, this part will be about another way to make a Lithophane even more unique.

Since Lithophanes are made entirely of white plastic, the image created by the lights and shadows is naturally black and white.

However, there is an easy way to make Lithophane look colorful. With a regular color printer.

Before you think I mean print out the normal image and stick it on the front of the white plastic and it’s all clickbait…No, it doesn’t work that simple of course and it wouldn’t be an embellishment of a Lithophane.

A colored Lithophane is made by printing out the colors of the picture converted on a website and sticking them on the Lithophane from behind. No changes are made to the image of the Lithophane itself, only the shining through of color causes a change.

Preparation of the image on a website

The Website to use is:

The creation of the image is achieved in just a few steps.

  1. Upload your image on the top left
  2. Select the tab Model and select the shape “Arc” if you have a curved Lithophane
  3. Enter the exact data like the height and width of the Lithophane
  4. Click download
  5. Click on “Color Lithophane” in the next window

Print and view the result

The output image is now adapted to your Lithophane and should have brighter colors so that they can show through the Lithophane. Now just print out the image and glue it to the back. This can be done with a normal Pritt pen or initially for testing with an adhesive strip.

Afterward, just hold it in front of a light source and look at the artwork.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and wish you a lot of fun creating your own Lithophanes.

If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to contact me.

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