How to start with 3D Print — Part 2: Find External 3D Models (Thingiverse) — with Examples


In my first Part, I helped you decide on a 3D printer. After purchasing a 3D printer, of course, you need something to print. Often the printer is already built up until you really deal with this question. Here I would like to introduce you, to which possibilities there are for this and give a few examples of the first cool prints.

Fusion 360 (CAD software)

The first way to get 3D objects is of course to design and create them yourself on the PC. However, since this requires a lot of practice and time, this is really only ever the choice if it is an object that needs to be individual and customized. If this is not the case, the following alternative should always be chosen first.

Self Design 3D Printable Word Clock


Probably the best-known and largest website for free 3D models is Thingiverse. Thingiverse is a platform that lives from the community. Anyone can upload their designs to Thingiverse and share them with the community. That’s why it’s like so often on the internet: If I am looking for something or need something someone else already had the same problem and published the solution (the 3D object). It doesn’t matter if it’s functional things for the household or action figures. There are millions of free 3D objects that are publicly available.

Photo by Dushawn Jovic on Unsplash

So if you want to start with 3D printing, it makes sense to browse a bit on Thingiverse and pick prints that you like, so you can reprint them. The advantage is that the description usually also directs information about the temperature, infill, or support structure made as the object is to print. This can be a great relief for beginners.

By printing different models and shapes, you learn more and more about what to consider for the individual objects and can thus learn a lot about the correct handling of the 3D printer and its settings with a little play.

Below are a few examples of beginner-friendly 3D prints.

Benchy Boat

Probably the most famous test print to test and compare 3D printers is the Benchy Boat.

The beauty of this object is that it meets many of the criteria and problems of 3D printing. For example, the front of the boat should be as smooth as possible, the boat has overhangs, and the printing speed can be compared very well to the quality.


A very nice print is Groot. Especially when printed in a Wood-PLA, a detailed Groot can be printed. As a decoration, this is a super eye-catcher and if you can tell that you have made this yourself, it is even more interesting.


An exciting and impressive 3D printing is also the printing of single-walled vases. The wall consists exclusively of a line and is accordingly very fast to print. From experience, these vases are rarely waterproof, but as a decorative object for e.g. plastic flowers they are an eye-catcher.

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